24th February 2018
Riverside Receptions, Brisbane, QLD


CrikeyCon is a community-led conference targeting those with an interest in information security around South East Queensland and beyond.

The informal style of the event is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing between all participants. CrikeyCon consists of presentations and demonstrations by industry professionals, security wizards, and enthusiasts alike.

CrikeyCon is run on a costs recovery basis, with surplus funds donated to worthy registered charities in the greater Brisbane area.

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Call for Content

Call for Presentations, Training, Workshops and Events.

Call for Presentations, Training, Workshops and Events are now OPEN.

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Speakers from 2017

Our Call for Content is open, but as an indication of what you’ll see, here are the speakers from the previous con.

Alex Hogue

Tricking people

Eric Pinkerton

Satellites of Love

Edward 'faz' Farrell

Advocatus Diaboli: understanding the red team

David Jorm

Johnny Tightlips

Fraser Tweedale

Controlling the Dumpster Fire: The CA Industry in 2016 and Beyond

Katie 'glasnt' McLaughlin

🔐 + 😈 => 💥

Grace Nolan

Condensed History of Lock Picking

Julian Berton

Rumours of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Justin Steven

The bus that couldn't slow down

Kieran Jacobsen

Introducing DevSecOps

Lilly 'attacus' Ryan


Michael Gianarakis

Rumours of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Patrick Gray

Our lovable MC courtesy of

Mark 'Pipes' Piper

Confessions of a Red Teamer

Will R.

Kulling Kali

Speakers for 2018 will be announced in December 2017.

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We can be reached by email ([email protected]com), on twitter (@CrikeyCon), or by shouting obscenities (\o/) in the street.